More and more in today’s ever evolving world it is becoming common for a husband and wife to work completely different schedules. It can become very taxing on each person when one works the graveyard shift and the other works 1st shift especially when you are trying to rest and it’s interrupted as the other person returns home from their shift.  One way to combat this would be separate bedrooms but if the bedrooms are on the same floor you can still cause multiple disturbances.

What is the answer????  I would suggest having 2 separate bedrooms on separate levels of the home.

At Fine Line Homes we offer the ideal home design to accommodate this, the “Wakefield”.  The “Wakefield” is 2,343 square feet. It offers a lot of flexibility but most importantly the ability to have 2 very spacious bedrooms partnered with its own bathroom and walk-in closet.  What makes this even more conducive to conflicting schedules is the fact that the owners’ bedroom is attached to the main house and has no second floor directly above it so you eliminate even more disturbances.

If you’ve been looking for a home to address conflicting work schedules, the “Wakefield” is the house for you.  Feel free to talk to any of our Housing Consultants more in depth.