closet organization

Square footage costs money in a home. Nowadays, it’s averaging upwards of $100 per square foot. That means closet space is expensive. Let’s say you’ve got a 6′ x 10′ walk-in closet. That’s 60 square feet, or approximately $6,000. Depending on the layout, you might have 2 sides with 10-feet of hanging on each side and about 3-feet more hanging on the end. This is referred to as 23 lineal feet of hanging.

Enlarging the closet to 8′ x 10′ adds 20 square feet (about $2,000) but provides only an additional 2 feet of hanging (not very much of an improvement for the cost.) A wiser solution might well be to take that money and install a closet organization system which can often double the effective storage of a closet!