Years ago, Builder Open Houses were more of a novelty and sort of a pastime for many on a Sunday Afternoon…. especially when there were fewer of them. Today, in markets like Harrisburg, PA there are hundreds of Sunday Afternoon Open Houses.

There are no rules or protocol or bad reasons for visiting a Builder Open House.  Everyone is welcome and hosts don’t assume every visitor walking through the door is there to buy a house or even discuss buying a house.  

I have the occasion to host some Open Houses for Fine Line Homes along with our Agents.  I find it to be an enjoyable and valuable  experience. 

Most Open House Hosts enjoy meeting and greeting people and really enjoy when there is a question to answer or an opportunity to be of assistance.

Years ago, the Open House was often the beginning of the sales process and a relationship between  the Builder and Buyer. Today with the Internet, many people have already done quite a bit of shopping online and have narrowed their choices. They are now going to the Open House to see in person what they might have seen online.

When you go to the Open House Model, keep in mind that the design is only one of perhaps several offered by the Builder. If you don’t care for the Open House design or floorplan, colors or features, there may be other designs and homes to choose from.

Why Visit?  The Open House provides that unique, no obligation, opportunity to Inspect Construction Quality and Ask Questions in person.

When to Visit? It may not be where all of today’s homebuyers start their search or quest for a new home, but it’s still a vital ingredient. The best time to visit a Builder Open House is….when you want to and feel comfortable.