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Tips for Spring Home Maintenance

Check for loose or leaky gutters as they can lead to drainage issues that can allow water into your basement or crawl space. Downspouts should be clear of debris and drain away from the foundation.

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A very common problem that we seem to notice during the winter months is a cold draft coming around an entry door. The best way to address this is to check the integrity of the weather stripping around the…

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Awe autumn, that beautiful time of year when the leaves are turning to bright yellow, orange and red. The mountains are awash with majestic colors that rival the best art work. What great fun to be a child building a…

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Importance of Water Dispersion

As we enter autumn it is important to take note of where your down spouts are dispersing water around your house. You want to make sure that you have them extended and running water away from your foundation walls.…

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