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Outdoor Summer Gatherings

Summer is in full swing! And, with Independence Day quickly approaching, it’s a great time to think about outdoor gatherings. Whether it’s a front courtyard, expanded deck, or backyard barbecue, plan for outdoor entertaining when you are designing your new…

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Flexible Living Tips

Factoring in flexibility when designing your home makes it easier to adapt to a changing lifestyle without having to make major renovations. We offer a few tips for designing spaces with flexibility, such as your garage, a guest suite, or…

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Garden Center

A recent addition to the list of uses for a Signature Space™ is the Garden Center. A space dedicated to your gardening supplies and prep area might be just the amenity you are looking for in your home design. Located…

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Location, Location, Location

Do you wish doing laundry wasn’t such a “chore”? Lugging laundry baskets around the house, up and down the stairs? It’s time to take laundry into the 21st century and rethink the laundry room location! More and more we’re being…

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Innovative Design Concept

Design Basics recently introduced an innovative design concept, the Signature Space™. Measuring 6′ x 8′, in just 48 square feet the flexible area can serve so many uses home buyers are asking for! Specialized Storage. Do you dream of a…

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Marietta 2nd Floor - Home Plan

Boomerang Child/Teen Suite

Many parents of college students feel that even with student loan repayment, their children should learn the economic realities of housing and rent. If enrolled locally, the bedroom suite can be a less expensive option over dorm life. Or, a…

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Lynchburg 1st Floor Optional Layout - Home Plan

Aging in Place

A growing trend is ‘aging in place’ whereby seniors are opting to stay in their own home rather than move into an assisted living facility. The CDC defines aging in place as, “The ability to live in one’s own home…

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Roanoke - Shown with optional stone and garage doors with glass.

Maximizing Space in the Owner’s Suite

The owner’s suite is your sanctuary, the ‘best’ bedroom in the house. But, how well is the space being utilized? Do you find that even though it’s a larger area, there isn’t enough room for everything? Typically designed with at…

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Summerville 1st Floor

A Study of Home: Special Places to Get Away

In contrast to Friday’s “Special Places to Gather,” we also need places to Get Away. Our hectic lifestyles are refreshed by ‘get-away’ rooms such as dens, sitting rooms, and sunrooms, which allow us to take “mini-vacations,” or escape for brief retreats…

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