window curtainsI get asked a lot about window treatments from my customers. If this is your first time owning a home, it might also be the first time that you’ve had to pick out curtains. This may be an exciting opportunity to bring some personal style to a room. What you should be looking for when choosing curtains for your new home.

What Purpose Should Your Curtains Serve?

First you need to think about the practical nature of curtains. Are you trying to block out sound and light, keep a space warm, create some privacy, or just make the room look nice? Flowing, transparent curtains might do a good job of letting light into the room and giving the space a sophisticated look, but they’re not going to do much if you want privacy. On the other hand heavy velvet curtains may be great insulators, but they’ll also darken a room.

What Dimensions Should Your Curtains Have?

Before you purchase curtains, make sure you’ve measured the length and width of your windows so that you know what kind of dimensions you’re working with. Choosing the length of your curtains is kind of like choosing the length of your pants. If you get it either too short or too long, it just won’t look good.

What Color Should Your Curtains Be?

The color of your curtains largely comes down to personal taste. Are you looking to make a statement by choosing bold accent curtains, or do you want something a little more subtle? If you’d rather go subtle, choose a color that is either a few shades darker than the wall or that matches another accent color in the room. Avoid patterned curtains if there are already a lot of designs in the room, as this can be overwhelming. If you do want to go bold, try solid colors that contrast with but still complement the dominant colors in the room.

Let Your Personality Show Through

The most important thing to consider when choosing curtains is what’s going to make you happy in the long run. If you’re interested in a particular style, such as vintage or vibrantly colored, follow your instinct. This is your home, after all, and you should be able to make it into whatever kind of space you want!