When you use the word commitment the first thing that comes to your mind is a personal relationship in which you devote your time and effort to another individual.  Before you ever commit to a relationship you typically ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Is this person trustworthy?
  2. Does this person have my best interest at hand?
  3. Does this person truly want to commit to me in the long run
  4. How do others view this person? 

When choosing your builder you should be seeking that same commitment.  Here at Fine Line Homes we answer those Commitment questions:

1. Is Fine Line Homes Trustworthy?   We are upfront with everything we do.  For example if during your Lot meeting with our foreman it is determined you will need more material to properly do the job, we will inform you right then and there.  You will not randomly receive a bill for something you are unaware of.  We believe being truthful is the only way to do business. 

2.  Does Fine Line Homes Have My Best Interest at Hand?   At Fine Line Homes we understand that building your dream home is an investment of a lifetime.  We negotiate with our suppliers to make sure we can pass along the best prices to you.  We will only work within YOUR budget to build your’ home.  We believe it is irresponsible for any builder to encourage individuals to live beyond their financial means.  To be a successful builder or company in general, you must place customers’ interest first & we’ve been doing that since 1972!!!!

3. Does Fine Line Homes Want to Commit to Me For The Long Run?       

Here at Fine Line Homes you can rest assured that we are here for you in the long run.  When you build a home through Fine Line Homes you receive the backing of Residential Warranty Corporation.  This provides you with a 10 year MSD house warranty so you can have that long term comfort with your home.  Established on February 3rd, 1972, Fine Line Homes has been building homes and providing great customer service for nearly 40 years and this will not change!

4.       How Do Previous Customers View Fine Line Homes?

The continued success of Fine Line Homes wasn’t established by billboards or flyers, but it was built on word of mouth referrals from happy home owners.  You can visit any of our offices and see the hand written testimonials throughout the years.  We feel that the words of previous customers paint a much better picture of a company than any billboard or flyer ever could.

So, does this sound like the builder to commit to?