composite decking In today’s society, outdoor entertaining has become a staple of American life.  We build outdoor spaces such as concrete pad’s or Brick paver patios, but the most common outdoor space you’ll find is an attached deck.

Decks are wonderful to have, but when built with pressure treated deck boards and a pressure treated railing system, you run into constant maintenance with it.  Maybe a railing spindle over dries and pulls away from the deck screw or the same with a pressure treated deck board.

You also have to stain almost every 2 years and if you change your stain color, you will have to use harsh chemicals to remove the previous stain along with a pressure washer.  You also will need to sand all of the areas where the wood frayed on the deck and wash and prep the deck one more time.  After this you are ready to apply your new stain.  You have to monitor to make sure the surface temperature of the deck isn’t too hot or your stain will dry to quickly leaving a very patchy/splotchy finish.  Same can be said about rain if it occurs 24-48 hours after stain application.

So how can you avoid this?  Instead of using treated deck boards and treated railings switch to a composite decking like Trex partnered with a vinyl railing system.  Trex will provide a nice color pallet selection to choose from and most importantly eliminates the headaches of staining.

You are talking about everlasting deep beauty with very limited maintenance.  To clean a composite deck you just spray it with a hose on a very gentle setting and to clean the railings you can use hot water and dish soap.  The extra expense for the Composite & Vinyl materials will eventually pay for themselves over the years.