Well it’s getting to be that time of year when we change the clocks ahead and we find we have a little more daylight at the end of the work day to come home and see what the winter has left for us to clean up around the house.

This means the yard work that we will soon be doing is close at hand.

It’s time to get the lawn mowers and garden tractors dusted off and serviced for the use they will provide for the summer months. It’s a good thing to have these implements serviced with oil changes, blade sharpenings, cleaning mower decks, greasing, inspecting belts, and all that is necessary to insure proper maintenance of these machines.

The lawn mower service shops are soon to be finished with the snow blowers they have seen in the past few months and are getting ready for the lawn mowers and weed trimmers. Having your equipment serviced now should allow you to beat the rush a month or so down the road when everyone will be looking for the same service.

Have a great summer.