Harrisburg neighborhood Sometimes it seems like there are too many decisions to make when building a home.

Picking a neighborhood, selecting a lot, choosing a floor plan, customizing, deciding on colors, etc.  So as to not overwhelm our customers, Fine Line Homes encourages visitors to take it step by step, and we provide guidance and time to go through each step so customers do not feel rushed or pressured.

Think about it, building your home is a significant event in anyone’s lifetime and you don’t want to be pressured in a decision like that.

One tool we offer to aid customers is the “lot reservation”.  Once you’ve chosen the Fine Line community you want to build in, you work to find the lot that best suits your preferences. Fine Line Homes allows you to reserve the lot so you can take your time selecting floor plans without the worry of losing the lot to someone else.

At Fine Line Homes we strive to make the process as worry free as possible and the lot reservation is just another way we can aid our customers.