The summer cooling season is now upon us and here are a few energy saving (and thus money saving) tips I gleaned from the Family First Website.  (Family Friendly Resources since 1995 @ Family First!)

  • Remember to keep windows closed and shades drawn during the heat of the day to reduce cooling costs by 30%
  • Keep a clean filter in your HVAC equipment to help save up to 10% in energy costs.
  • The cost difference between keeping your thermostat at 70 degrees versus 78 degrees is that it costs twice as much to cool at 70 degrees than it does at 78 degrees.  Even if 78 is too warm for you, even a two degree change will help save.
  • Ceiling fans with the blades turning in a clockwise direction can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler. 
  • Remember that lights, computers, TV’s, and appliances all generate heat when in use so turn them off when not needed.