My neighbor recently commented on how much they enjoy their garage. Turns out they did not have a garage at their former home and have grown to appreciate parking their cars out of the weather and the additional storage a garage provides. This got me thinking of garages which I typically take for granted.

While rear entrance garages are rare, both front entrance and end entrance garages are common. The photos show the Branson home design with a front entrance and an end entrance garage. Here are a few considerations when making the decision:

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Front entrance  
Less driveway is required and it is more convenient to pull straight into the garage from the street. My current home has a front entrance garage and guest enjoy the short sidewalk to the front door. On the down side, garage doors can be boring to look at. A recent trend is to add glass with some opting for the carriage style doors with hinges to enhance the curb appeal.

Hartford AEnd entrance  
This is typically done when the customer wants to conceal the garage and maintain the “house” appearance with windows and shutters versus garage doors. You will have the additional cost normally for the additional windows but is minimal. This will require a longer sidewalk and more landscaping. My wife and I have enjoyed building three homes over the 41 years we are married. Our second home had an end entrance garage. My family was quick to point out when they came to visit that it was a long walk to the front door and suggested leaving our garage doors open when we know they were coming to visit.

There is no clear cut right or wrong decision on whether it is best to have a front entrance or an end entrance garage. That is why our home designs feature both.