Okay, okay, we’re becoming a nation of packrats. We just don’t want to throw our stuff away. But where are you going to keep it all?

For some of us extra room in the garage has “storage” written all over it. Thankfully, most of today’s newer homes have larger garages, due at least in part to larger SUVs. As a rule of thumb, look for a 24′-dimension (width, depth or both) in order to place storage along that wall. Think about organizing your storage needs into “zones” for lawn/garden, sporting goods + toys, etc. Mobile (wheeled) storage is great for cleaning under and also for easy re-configuring (which is a benefit of easily-adjustable wall shelving/hanging organization units as well).

Finally, look up! Is there potential storage over the garage door tracks, whether that be open shelving/platforms or an attic space? Garage storage is something to address at the design/planning stage-not something you want to have to figure out after construction!

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