We moved our son into his own apartment. That would normally be good news in itself but it also meant we could reclaim some of the garage space that was used to store some of his furniture.

We see many uses today for garages. While the most common remains storage for our autos, expanded storage, workshops, man cave and future living space are just some of the other uses. Garages can flex to provide for multiple uses as the need arises.

Storage can be maximized by organizing with adjustable shelves and hanging units. Mobile storage cabinets are great to clean under and provide easy re-configuring of the layout.  You may be able to store bulky lightweight items above in the trusses. For normal or heavier storage above, you should plan for this when designing the home so the engineering can be addressed.

For a few creative ideas, read the article by Design Basics “Garages –The New Flex Room”.