As you drive through your neighborhood and catch a glimpse inside garages when folks have the garage doors open, you will notice each one is different, from totally organized where everything is in its place, to utter chaos & clutter where you can not even get a car inside.  An organized garage allows you to store both the vehicle as well as ancillary items like tools, equipment, toys, bikes, etc.

There is a wide array of garage organization systems you can purchase or you can be creative and do it yourself.  If you are building a new home you can consider garage storage packages either with the initial construction or afterwards and you can go with a little or a lot.  There is a general consensus that an organized garage leads to a more efficient household when you spend less time looking for things.  Just think, for many homeowners that use the garage to park their vehicle, the garage is the first thing they see when coming home.

Having an organized and clean garage gives you a sense of pride and you feel good coming home to it.