Family playing in their living room Life revolves around everyone in your household. From day-to-day activities to long-term planning, if you stopped to consider how often you sacrifice, how often you are putting others’ needs, wants and desires ahead of your own, you could be nominated for meritorious service.

At Fine Line Homes, we see the same thing happening when it comes to selecting which home to build and products that go into the home. Bigger closets in the secondary bedrooms, compartmented hall bathrooms, pocket offices, even pet centers can usurp your own personal preferences.

Now, trade-offs are a fact of life and budgets are real. We would like to suggest establishing a personal wish list and even ranking the items on your list. Do you enjoy creating culinary masterpieces? Then give yourself permission to indulge a bit in kitchen amenities. Do you derive satisfaction seeing everything in its place? Talk to us about storage and organization options for your home. Do you dream of delicious time alone spent in meditation or reading? Then a private primary suite sitting area may be just the answer.

There’s tremendous gratification in seeing everyone else in your household taken care of, but prioritizing a few items for your new home that makes it truly yours will make it perfect!