We have two daughters and a son. One observation I have made over the years is how much longer it took our daughters to get ready to leave the house than it did our son. The time in front of the mirror and the long showers can really be frustrating for those waiting their turn and it often means waking up much earlier than preferred to get ready in time. The shared bathroom was a battlefield that had everyone starting their day off on the wrong foot.

More and more of our home designs include a compartmented bathroom where the vanity is separate from the tub/shower and toilet creating private areas where two siblings can be using the facilities at the same time. This can really ease time pressures and encourage peaceful relationships in the family. For the larger family, a compartmented bathroom may just be the time management solution you are looking for. View the following home designs with compartmented bathrooms: Abington, Georgetown, Jamestown, Meridian and Manchester.