As reported in the Pittsburgh Sun-Times, “Nationwide, the number of home-based businesses may range from 18 million to 38 million, depending on who is doing the counting.” Add to that number an estimated 40 million Americans who telecommute (working from home part of the time) or bring work home to finish projects at night or on the weekends, and the importance of work space is easily understood.

From traditional, dedicated home offices to flex spaces that serve double duty (as your home office as well as a craft room, guest room, etc.,) to new concepts such as our “pocket office”, we have many innovative solutions. Whether your dream is a space for creativity and inspiration, or uninterrupted quiet, or a place to meet with important clients, we look forward to helping you enjoy the perfect working environment in your home.

Location, access, special electrical needs-even a secure shipping and receiving vestibule-help us understand the type of work you do and needs you have. We just might be able to present solutions to aspects you have not even considered!