It’s surprising what a difference a window style can make on the overall appearance and function of a home.

“Prairie” Style Windows are like a breath of fresh air in Central PA.

They have a dramatic impact on the exterior elevation as well as the view from inside the home.

This style is a “bridge” between the “Traditional Colonial” style window (quite common and popular in the Northeast and MidAtlantic Region) and a window with no grills at all.  As do “Traditional Colonial” grills, the “Prairie” grills add style to the exterior elevation. From the inside,  “Prairie” grills provide more viewing surface (as do no grills) because the grills are confined to the edges of the window.

As  “Neo-Traditional” Designs in the   Northeast Region become less “Colonial” and less “Traditional,” the “Prairie”   window can be a great compliment to the home design.

Fine Line Homes in Harrisburg, PA  introduced the “Prairie” Window into their model home located in the Autumn Ridge community in Lower Paxton Township. The home is the Company’s “Trousseau” Model and would have a much different appearance without the “Prairie” windows.