Oakridge floor plan I was born in 1953 placing me about in the middle of what has been called the Baby Boomer generation. We represent a very large demographic and for the most part have the ability to purchase. The wants, needs  and lifestyle of the Baby Boomers has differed from other generations. Fine Line Homes began in 1972 and has largely evolved with product for this demographic.  As the Boomers begin to move into retirement, their desire for housing is different from previous generations. Some have parents they want to bring into their home and some have adult kids returning home. The In-Law Suite added to a plan or incorporated in a plan gives the flexibility to not only house parents or adult children in a private manner but also allows for the Boomers to age in place and transition into the In-Laws Suite in a few years and the children take over the main part of the home.  

Oakridge first floor plan In an article titled “New Homes For Aging Boomers”, Design Basics shares some tips on how to make a home Boomer friendly. The following is a summary:

 Boomers are concerned over future mobility impairment. Wider hallways and doors, open plans and lowered switches will address this. Rooms should be large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Showers are preferred over a tub if the home does not have space for both.

  1. They appreciate at least one room that is Flex Space so it can be used for different purposes as their needs evolve.
  2. To reduce going up and down the stairs, a Ranch style home or Two Story or Cape with a first floor Primary Bedroom is desired. A Laundry Room on the main floor with a Folding Table will make this task much easier
  3. Garages should be at least 22 feet wide with 9 foot garage doors to allow access around the vehicles and storage.  
Oakridge second floor

2nd Floor

The Oakridge Cape Cod Home Plan is popular with the Boomers. It has an open Kitchen, Dining and Family Room, first floor Primary Bedroom and Laundry, and the Flexibility of a room as a Bedroom with Bath access, Living Room or other uses such as an exercise Room.