One of the most frequently asked question I hear from prospective clients is “I hear horror stories about building a new home, will this be the case with Fine Line Homes?”

Construction foreman reviewing blue printsThis is a definitive no!! Most people who complain about their building experience do so because of lack of communication, long delays in building and going over budget. I would like to address these three concerns.

Lack of communication happens when there is no one who handles the day to day communication throughout the building process. Here at Fine Line Homes, we have a “Housing Consultant” who helps design your home, prices it, works with you on colors and covers all the fine details prior to construction. We will help you through the permitting process, the loan process and design process. Our foreman will meet you at your lot and have a thorough lot review. After your house goes into production, we have a “Construction Consultant” that will be there for you every step of the way through the build process. Any questions you may have, the “Construction Consultant” is only a phone call away.

Long delays in building your home will not happen with us as we have multiple crews to get the job done. Our build time varies from 4-6 months from the time the footers are poured. We will keep you updated throughout this phase so you can plan accordingly.

Going over budget is one of the concerns most clients have. With Fine Line Homes, most costs are firm numbers that do not change and there are not many allowance items. Many builders put their kitchen cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc on an allowance. One must hope these items come in close to the dollar amount of the allowance or they will be over budget. The only item we keep on an allowance throughout the building of your home is site costs. Prior to closing at the bank, we will have our excavators give you a quote on what they anticipate the site costs will be. This is a great tool to help you sleep at night while your new home is being built.

Do you have any questions that you would like answered?  If so, ask below in the comments and we will use it in the next Ask the Builder blog post.