Meridian with 16’ and 9’ garage doors

A few months ago I was cleaning our van at home. I had backed it out of the garage to clean both the exterior and the interior. While recuperating inside from the strenuous work, a thunderstorm quickly appeared and it began raining. It was then I remembered the van was left outside with the doors and windows open. I hurried to the van and  after closing the doors and windows on the driver’s side began driving the van into our garage.


Wilson with 9′ Garage Doors

I underestimated how far the side doors protrude from the van when open and hit the side of the garage door opening on the passenger side  jamming the door. I tried closing it but the accordion looking door no longer fit the opening. The worst part was telling my wife what I did and informing her it was probably not safe hauling our grandkids in the back seat. It cost over $2,000.00 to repair.


Many times the size of the garage doors are not considered important until after you move in the home. It is typically impossible to enlarge the width or at the very least it will be more expensive after the home is built. With 8’ wide garage doors, it sometimes requires folding the mirrors on vans and trucks before pulling into the garage. Our home plans are designed for 9’ garage doors or larger. It may seem a minor detail but one you will appreciate every time you come home.