People are drawn to sunny well lit areas. Light has a positive impact on us and when incorporated in a home design makes the room feel more spacious in size. Larger windows are more common in recent years as a requirement of the building code but in addition to providing egress from a room they will allow more natural light as well.

Here are some practical ways to include more natural light in home designs: Sidelites at the door and transom windows provide light in an entry foyer for that important first impression. Skylights on the roof pass 3 times more light than window glass of the same on a vertical wall. Kitchens typically present a challenge but if the design has a large pantry, you may be able to forfeit an upper cabinet and go with a twin window at the sink. A patio door in an adjacent brunch area helps light up kitchens. Orienting the placement of the home on the lot to maximize a southern exposure will impact sunlight in the home.

My career in real estate has spanned over 35 years. I have often walked through homes and think the home was too dark but never recall feeling a home was too bright.