Making your home office work – Designing with you at the center.

You may feel “exposed” if your back is to the doorway. If that’s the only option, consider a mirror in front of you so you can easily see behind you. And what you sit on is even more important. “Any old chair”, as opposed to an ergonomically correct chair, may add fatigue. If your home office is big enough, consider a second, very comfortable chair for a welcome break from the task seating.

Lighting is essential for productivity. Natural light is always best, but care must be taken in the room layout to ensure natural light doesn’t wash out your computer monitor’s screen. Added room lighting takes two forms:

1) general/background lighting for whole room illumination, and
2) task/reading lighting to aid in focus.

Also, consider dimming control for general lighting and multiple bulbs as well as electric outlet locations for table or wall lamps for task lighting.