Our increasingly busy lives cry out for serenity…a place where we can go and be alone, to escape the day’s stress and life’s demands…your own private sanctuary, whether that’s simply for reading or personal meditation. Likely, it will come to be your favorite spot in your home.

Sitting areas off the owner’s bedroom are desired for these very reasons. But they have come to be so much more. Looking at Fine Line Homes’ Brookville (Featured below), the sitting room is situated far enough from the bedroom that it could double as a studio for the artist in your soul, or even an exercise area (you’re right next to the bathroom for showering off when you’re done)!

Some of our homes offer easy conversion of a secondary bedroom into that MBR sitting area. Our Arlington home plan can be built as a four-bedroom home or a three-bedroom home with a superb sitting area that would also make for a semi-private nursery. With Fine Line Homes, it’s all about how you want your home to live!

A furnished Brookville model home is on display at Lewisburg.