There are several ways to bring natural lighting into your new home. The most common way to add natural light to a room is through windows. Many home builders size their windows to meet the light and venting required to meet code requirements.

For people who are looking to add natural light there are several options to consider. The most expensive way would be just to add extra windows. The least expensive way to add natural light is to make the windows that are already on the plan larger in size.

Ask your Housing Consultant what the cost would be to make a window wider and longer. In most cases to make the window approx. 6” wider and 6” longer the cost would be approximately $30.00 per window making it a very cost effective way to add natural light.

Another way would be to add transoms over the standard windows if you have 9’ ceilings in the home. Skylights can be added in a ceiling. If a bathroom or closet is not on an exterior wall, tubular Skylights could be used.

Please ask your Housing Consultant for pricing these options into your new home.

Additional light will make the home feel larger and help sustain a positive mood.