Today’s home buyers are more and more wanting to capitalize on the beauty and strength of stone on both the inside and outside of their homes. In the past natural stone was almost always cost prohibitive, but nowadays we no longer have to deal with monolithic blocks hewn from raw earth. Today, stone veneer is a lightweight and user-friendly option for home interiors and exteriors, and available in numerous colors and textures.

You can add stone veneer to a host of surfaces, both inside and outside your home. One popular choice is to use stone veneer for a fireplace surround to create an earthy look and reminiscence of years past.

Elsewhere in the home, stone veneer can be used to stunning effect in kitchen islands, eye-catching backsplashes, and spa-like showers. Stone veneer succeeds equally well as a house siding material giving an old world style or simply a beautiful accent to siding. Yet another area where stone veneer can be put to good use is the backyard, where it can provide a beautiful transition between natural surroundings your new home.