You sometimes see a “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” sign in restaurants. While I‘ve never viewed the sign in a home, some people do not want shoes worn in their home. They don’t want the wear and tear on the flooring and dirt brought into the house. That typically means shoes piled up near the door. It can be unsightly and some resort to storing shoes in the garage. When storing shoes in the garage, you risk creepy crawlies making a home in your shoe and placing your foot into an ice-cold shoe in the winter. 

One solution to this is the popular Bench/Locker option designed for the Rear Foyer transition area near the door to the garage. The bench allows you to sit down while untying shoes or slipping off high heels so you do not have to balance on one foot. The open area under the Bench provides storage space for shoes as well.

Other features of the Rear Foyer include Lockers for storage and organization and a Drop Zone for setting bags, charging cell phones and storing keys. A home designed with a Rear Foyer actually allows you to use kitchen countertops for their intended use. Imagine that!