With our increased marketing of the Fine Line Homes “off-site” building program, I am seeing more and more potential homeowners seeking to build a new home on land that they have acquired on their own.

Theses home buyers have completed the preliminary process of acquiring land and are curious as to what the “next step” is in the process.

When we meet for the first time, often the discussion of Preliminary Site Improvement Costs runs concurrent with reviewing floor plans and discussing lifestyle and floor plan needs.
There are some very basic site improvement questions that need to be explored by the Land Owner.

Some have been dealt with as the land was purchased: water and sewer availability, percolation and probe tests for septic, excavation issues, tree clearing (if needed), grading and slope of site, utility availability and utility connections.

Some land owners have already arranged for competitive price bids to perform services such as well drilling, septic design approvals and installation, excavation, driveway installation and utility connections.

Some others have really no idea where to begin.

Fine Line Homes will assist, if requested by the land owner, in making recommendations to the owner on vendors, firms or companies which can prepare and submit bids for the site work to be done.

While the overall responsibility rests with the land owner for preparing the budget for Site Improvements and all Building Permits; we desire to work as a ‘team’ to set the most smooth course of action to be taken to complete the construction process.

No question is too small or no task too insignificant to ensure the ‘peace of mind’ that Fine Line Homes wants to convey to the land owner.

So…if you are out there and have recently found ‘your land’ and are ready to move ahead with your dream home, call Fine Line Homes and let us help you to take that ‘next step.’
We are eager and ready to lend our advice and expertise!!