Fine Line Homes, Winfield, recently recognized 9 employees for their years of service. The tenure of employment for the group ranged from 20 to 40 years.

As I looked at the picture of the group it struck me how much experience there is. It’s easy to take for granted the knowledge and talent we have available here in Winfield.

A difficult situation may arise and I know we have the ability handle it.

Of the 9 recognized, collectively there is 250 years of experience, just counting the years employed at Fine Line Homes. If you count the experience the group has total, counting years before starting at Fine Line Homes, in their areas of expertise, it would be over 300 years.

In addition to the 9, there are an additional 13 employees working in Winfield. Factoring in the additional 13 employees, we have 525 years of experience at Fine Line Homes ( that’s an average of almost 24 years each) and well over 600 total years in their areas of expertise.

What a Great Team to be a part of!