Did you know we can design your new home to be pet-friendly? For example, where do you keep all of the pet supplies—from food to leashes, travel kennels to kitty litter?

Several of our home plans are shown with a pet center, typically in the rear foyer area from the garage. It can be as simple as an open space for kennels, cat bed or food and water dishes.

Hooks can be added on the walls for leashes and cold weather wear. If you have a base cabinet in this area, a pull-out drawer can include storage bins—ideal for keeping dry pet food. Elaborate pet centers may include a dog wash with the shower base at floor level for big dogs or raised up for bathing small dogs.

Another consideration is outdoor access. Hard-surface flooring at the door is essential to keep mud off your carpets. Just as important is steps—say off your deck—to get to the back yard. This may not be an issue today, but as your pet ages, you may have to carry it up and down those stairs in winter weather.