Wakefield Lots and homes are very interdependent.  Not every lot is right for every home and vice-versa.  For example, flat lots are not suitable for walkout basements and slab foundations do not work well on a slope.  Keep this in mind when choosing the land for your home.  You may not have a house plan yet, but you probably have some idea of the style home you prefer.

Once you have located a building site for your new home, spend some time on it.  Walk around on it different times of the day.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will the home you imagine blend with the landscape?
  • Does the landscape suggest particular colors or materials you might include in the design of the home?
  • Where are the most pleasing views?
  • Where does the sun rise and set?
  • Where should the driveway be located?
  • Will the size of your home fit proportionately to the size of the lot?
  • How much landscaping will be required?
  • Is the property near a river or stream that could cause flood damage?
  • How disruptive is it because of noise from an airport, highway or railroad?

As you narrow your search think about these things and don’t be afraid to get expert advice.