The most used entrance to the home is the door from the garage or side yard if there is no garage. Until recently you walked either directly into the kitchen or through a mudroom which typically included the laundry. Not only is the sight of dirty laundry piled up a turn off when entering the home, often there are fermenting odors from gym clothes or laundry that should have been washed a few days earlier.

Our home designs are influenced by design basics and one of the innovative design features they introduced was the Rear Foyer.

The rear foyer provides a neat and organized entry to the home and if the laundry is in that area, it is in a laundry room and not open to the area you walk through. You can kick up the Rear Foyer by adding a drop zone for storing items and charging cell phones and a bench/locker unit.

This is great for distressing your life. The kids can keep everything for school in their locker and the bench is nifty for removing and storing shoes.