It is amazing how many of my clients come to Fine Line Homes after they have spent months looking at resale homes and are so disenchanted as to what they have seen.  Besides all the work and money that people have to put into a resale home, they also state how the older homes have so little storage space.  It seems like years ago, people did not have as much “stuff”.

Summerville second floor plan Please note all the storage space in our home plans, specifically walk-in closets.  Walk in closets are great because they give you so many more closet storage options. Depending on the size of your walk in closet, you can have many things in there in addition to all your clothes and shoes.  A properly designed walk in closet should give you the peace of mind and confidence that there is not going to be too much clutter around your house. The design of the walk in closet should be in such a manner that you should find what you need when you need it. The benefits also include better access to your clothing. In front-access closets, the wider the closet is, the wider the door must be. With a walk-in closet, only a small door is necessary to access everything in side. This gives you more options when arranging furniture in your room.

How nice would it be to have a walk-in closet where you can stand back, take inventory of your wardrobe, and choose your clothes for the day?  We think about all this when we design our homes because it is your comfort that matters to us.