When planning a Kitchen for your new home you may want to consider some of these key ingredients: Storage Space, Style, Entertainment, and Quality. Most families spend a great deal of time in the kitchen so it is important to have a well thought out plan for the cabinet layout of your home.

When thinking about storage space a great idea is to add roll out trays in your base cabinets. This will allow you to access those hard to reach areas of a cabinet and keep the cabinets better organized. If there is a small space next to the stove to fill think of adding a tray cabinet for cookie sheets or a spice pull out shelf. These are great areas for good storage and are only 6”, 9”, or 12” so they do not take up much space and store odd shaped items easy.

Spice up your design with color. Think of mixing up the color of your countertops. Make the Island a different color top from the other countertops. This will add another color combination and give the island its own flavor. To take this thought process a little further you may want to also change the color of the Island cabinets. This will add style to your home and make it your own.

When entertaining, a raised bar at the island adds countertop surface. This may be a good idea to add seating in the kitchen or act as a countertop for a buffet serving area during the Holidays. It will be the focal point of your kitchen.

The last ingredient would be Quality. You are going to have this kitchen for many years to come. Look for dovetail drawers, this is strong cabinet construction and will last for years. There are two items that will help maintain the quality for years to come, look for soft closing drawers and doors. These items allow the doors or drawers to close softly. No more slamming of the cabinets which adds unnecessary ware.