We understand that building a new home can be a challenge. Sure, it’s fun and exciting, but there are lots of decisions to be made and a timeline that must be adhered to—even with weather delays or limited availability of certain products and materials.

That’s why we at Fine Line Homes have worked hard at improving our systems, policies and procedures, re-designing them through the eyes of our customers in order to create better experiences. Did you know our sales team takes pride in helping our customers make wise, informed decisions; that we make clean jobsites a top priority throughout construction; and that we have a goal of delivering your new home complete, on-time and on-budget?

Communication issues can lead to ambiguity or misunderstandings. “No surprises” is our goal and to that end you’ll find that we are pro-active in maintaining regular communication with our customers throughout the process. We welcome your questions as well as your input and suggestions. We know part of offering “remarkable value” is in respecting our customers and treating everybody fairly!