The last phase of our OSHA compliance training is the additional 20 hours to complete and receive the 30 Hour Masters level of certification. This process digs deeper into the different types of Construction Hazards that are out there such as Silicosis, Noise, Hand & Power Tool Equipment, Flagging, Fire Protection, Ergonomics, Scaffolds, Stair & Ladder Safety, as well as Material Handling.

In these final training sessions we also looked as several actual case studies of accidents that happened in different areas of construction, discussed the reasons and why the accidents happened and ways from our training of how it could have been prevented. In each case the accident could have been prevented if someone would have taken the time to think and put in place the right preventative measures. We also learned how we need to take responsibility and look ahead to avoid these potential issues and if we spot an issue to get it corrected.

While it will be a long process and nobody is perfect, but by taking these training courses Fine Line Homes is committed to making our job sites a safe place to work for all our employee’s and our sub-contractors.

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