There’s a trend in new homes away from bathtubs in the primary suite bathroom, in favor of more elaborate showers. It seems the simple pleasure of enjoying a long, hot soak in the tub has fallen victim to the tyranny of our over-scheduled lives.

A recent national poll asked the question “If you have a tub in your primary suite bathroom, how often do you take a bath in that tub?” Over 4000 people responded to that poll question, and 78% said “never”. A closer look yields the fact that men generally don’t take a bath (but is that because the standard 5-foot bathtub just isn’t large enough for men’s comfort?)

Gender issues aside, there’s no debating the relaxing-to-invigorating spectrum offered in today’s showering options. Oversized showers are wonderful and may remind you of a luxury resort you visited, but even standard showers can offer a great start to the day. Pay special attention to the primary suite bath design and amenities shown in the home design you choose, and be sure to talk with your new home specialist about creating the perfect bathing scenario in your new home!

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