How much do your homes cost per square foot? This is a very difficult question to answer. The better question is “what is included in the home for the price”? There are many items in a home that is specific to a particular home plan that determines the price. Some items that affect the price are listed below.

  • Garage or no garage – size of garage – two car or three car
  • Front porch or rear porch
  • Angles or corners in the masonry and requiring additional framing
  • Roof pitch, reverse gables, dormers, and hip roofs
  • Exterior accents – stone, brick, cedar shake, siding style, headers, keystones, and pilaster and pediment
  • Flooring – hardwood, tile, carpet, and vinyl
  • Kitchen – amount of cabinets, islands, or bar
  • Bathrooms – how many and do they have a whirlpool, shower or tub
  • Doors and windows – how many exterior and interior doors, and windows
  • Heating system – what type of heating system is included

All of these items will help buyers understand that price per square foot is determined by many different factors. This is why it is important to know what is included in each home that makes up the total price.