The cost of utilities is mostly influenced by the land you purchase to build on.



Do you have a public utility power source to the property?  Then depending on the size of your lot and location of the home, you will have costs in getting that power source to the home and if you need to run the power source farther than the Electric company allows under normal conditions there may be additional charges from the power company to get that to your home.


Sewer or Septic:

Again depending on the lot you purchase, it can affect the cost significantly for the sewage disposal system that you need to connect to. Not only the size of the lot can be a factor but whether you have public sewer or need an on lot septic system.

  • Public Sewer connection will have a permit fee associated to it for connection to the public utility and that cost varies from municipality to municipality.
  • Second possibility is an on lot septic system. There are many types of systems. Your lot conditions and size of your home will determine the cost on the installation of this system. Price estimates can range from $3,500-$14,000 depending on the type of system. A permit from the township or municipality will be required. There are some other costs such as a perk test to determine the type of system  and a septic system design.



There are two types of water systems:

  • Public Water which means there will be a Tap on permit cost to be able to connect to the water system. Again these costs vary by utility company.
  • Second is a well water system. There are very limited areas that require a well water permit but you should check with your local municipality. Well systems will usually cost more than connecting to public water. A drilling company drills the well and charges by the foot for drilling and casing. Your lot conditions will determine the depth you will need to drill to reach water.

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