Single-wide garage doors can make a significant difference in terms of complementing your home’s architectural design and street appeal. But in another case of practical meets aesthetics, be sure your garage is large enough to take a pair of 9-foot wide garage doors. One homeowner we talked with, moving from a home with one double wide (16-foot) door into a new, custom built home with two 8-foot wide garage doors lived for years with having to fold the mirrors in on her minivans every time she came home. Even when it was raining or snowing outside, she had to power the windows down and manually fold the mirrors in—an expensive lesson learned after suffering the consequences of knocking off one of those expensive side mirrors.

Enlarging the garage is a common request we hear today. Whether it’s for added storage or a workbench area or merely a reflection of today’s bigger SUVs, be sure to talk with us about the size of garage you need. And if you want a bigger garage, it’s usually something we can accommodate!