I was recently recognized for 10 years of service as a Housing Consultant with Fine Line Homes. Where does the time go?

Overall, I’ve been a Housing Consultant for most of my adult life with over 20 years of experience. During those years I’ve seen many changes in the Housing Industry. Some changes have been for the best and some not so much.

For one example as Building Codes change and the material cost tend to rise so does the price to build a new home. But, with that being said the homes we build today are more energy efficient, maintenance free and are designed to maximize storage, space for entertaining, de-stressing and flexible living.

John West 10 Years of ServiceMark Bittner, (left) Director of Sales and Marketing and Ben Craig, (right) Vice President and General Manager of the Sayre office, congratulates John West (center) for his 10 years of service

I truly enjoy what I do and thru the years I’ve worked with many customers and have gained many close friends. I have to say that I’m very happy and fortunate to work for such a solid and reputable company like Fine Line Homes which values it’s employee’s as well as their customers. And I look forward to many more years with Fine Line Homes.