The experience we had building our home with Fine Line Homes was truly second to none.  From the inception of the project to the closing date, everyone involved helped make it a pleasant, efficient, and easy-to-understand venture.  Our journey was a little different than most, however.  While nearing our completion date, my wife fell very ill with an extremely rare immune disorder that threatened her life as well as the life of our 27-week old son.  She had an emergency procedure to help restore her breathing and our son was delivered prematurely.  The last thing on our mind was the final details for finishing and moving into our beautiful new home.

This is when everyone on staff at Fine Line stepped up to the plate and delivered on their promise to provide us with a place where we can watch our family grow together through the years. My wife has since recovered and our son and two-year-old daughter are flourishing in a place we can call home. The luxuries of life are so insignificant when you’re fighting for your life, but Fine Line helped ensure that my wife would have a PERFECT place to come home to after surviving her ordeal. From the planning phase to the building of the house with the skilled and personable crews, our house was complete.  The attention to detail was impeccable, the scheduling was effortless and the craftsmanship was flawless.  I have had several friends and family members, people who have built homes and worked in the construction business themselves, mention to me many times how solid and well-built our new home is.

Everyone wants to be home for the holidays, and the people at Fine Line knew how important that was to us, particularly this year.  They made our dreams a reality and I cannot say enough about how understanding and accessible they were throughout this whole process, both before, during, and after the time of my wife’s illness.  There was a true sense of wanting to communicate all those little details every step of the way; they want their customers to feel comfortable with and be educated on each decision that goes into building a new home and how they arrived at those decisions.  They showed a level of care and attention that you just can’t purchase; we have made life-long friendships and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are always just a phone call away.  We had many things to be thankful for this past holiday season, and one of those many blessings was the care and support of the Fine Line team. Thank you so very much!