We had our new home built by the Athens, PA office. Our journey began in October 2019 with Brandon Meyers, Housing Consultant. We met with Brandon after having met with other home builders and immediately decided that Fine Line Homes was going to be our choice. Brandon was very kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. We started the process in early 2020, and then the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I could fill a book with the stories of how Brandon worked with us and helped us through many setbacks. Some were related to price increases, and some were due to major snags with permits from our township. Nothing was Fine Line’s fault; it was all just bad timing and circumstances. Brandon could have easily given up on us or lost patience, but he was totally awesome through all of that craziness.

During the building process, we mostly communicated with Rob Pettit, Aaron Cowder, & James Cacciavillano. All three individuals were super helpful and great to work with. As inexperienced home builders, my husband and I asked many, many questions. I worried that my questions at times came off as I didn’t trust them or doubted them. That was not the case at all. I am a very analytical person and I ask lots of questions. I wanted to be able to thank these guys for all their time and energy. They treated us with courtesy and showed lots of patience. We are forever grateful to them.