We chose Fine Line Homes after exhausting research with private home-building contractors as well as other large contracting companies. We have had homes built in the past, one in Williamsport and one in Omaha, Nebraska, and are very familiar with home construction. Also, my father was a home building contractor for over 40 years in the Williamsport area, and with me being his dedicated helper, I was exposed to every facet of construction.

With that background, we made the decision to go with Fine Line Homes after a detailed review of their plans, materials, techniques, scheduling and construction crews. Dedication to quality and service were also primary factors. From the financial aspect, we were very pleased with their communication with our lending institution, as well as the bank’s recommendation.

We picked the Stockton plan for its floorplan which gives us the living space we required, and all on one floor.

Fine Line worked on the lot layout, excavation, basement construction and the house, completing construction to the plan in the 6 months quoted from the start. All operations went smoothly, considering that they had some drywall subcontractor problems, which they worked hard to resolve and maintain the schedule and quality of workmanship.

We are very satisfied with our decision to contract with Fine Line, and are extremely pleased with our beautiful home. Our 1-Year Fix List had only minor fixes listed, and the list was accomplished with one technician for about 6 hours.

We highly recommend Fine Line Homes to anyone desiring quality, professionalism and open communication during the entire planning and construction process.