Need storage for that often or seldom used Kitchen Aid mixer? The Mixer Kit provides, behind door, internal cabinet storage and springs up to counter height during use! Additional space saving features include, pull out Pots and Pans Trays, Lazy Susans, Waste Basket and Recycling pull-outs, Cookie Pan Tray Dividers, and even Cookbook Racks, and Wine Glass Holders that install under the wall cabinets!

And, let’s not forget Spice Storage, everyone knows a good cook never has too many spices. There are Spice Racks for wall cabinets, pull out Spice Racks and the ever convenient, drawer Spice Racks.

And best of all, with Fine Line Homes, YOU decide what features to add, and where you want them placed! After all, YOU are the cook in THIS kitchen! Happy Cooking!

Pat Waller is a Building Consultant with Fine Line Homes, Harrisburg Office