Building a home should be an “experience” not a chore for the buyer.

If the first thing your builder asks you is “how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want” you might want to reconsider who you want to build your home.  A better question to ask is “how do you live?”  You want a builder that understands how you live and what is important in your life in order to build a home that best suits you.

It isn’t the builder’s house, it is your home.  Number of rooms, dimensions, square footage, etc. are all benchmarks that people use to critique house plans, but what really is important is finding a builder that has the flexibility and design capabilities to accommodate the specific needs of each individual customer.

At Fine Line Homes we take pride in first getting to know the customer, which provides the foundation for a good relationship and a positive building experience.  Stop by one of our models or showrooms to learn more about our unique approach to home building.