Build Your New Dream Home in Ithaca, NY

Carl Sagan, famed scientist and astronomer. Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University. Alex Haley, noted author. What do they have in common? They all had roots in Ithaca, NY.

If you want to find an exciting, historical place to build your new home, Ithaca is definitely on the short list of locations to consider.

So Much to Offer for Hundreds of Years

Ithaca has been a beacon for people of all nationalities for generations. Is it any wonder that it has become such a robust area to raise a family?

One of the reasons that people are flocking to Ithaca to build custom homes is because it’s quite modern, despite being steeped in heritage. Take a drive around Ithaca’s neighborhoods and you’ll see Cornell University, the famous Moosewood Restaurant, the Sciencenter, The Cayuga Nature Center, and more. Plus, throughout the year, Ithaca hosts plenty of social events and celebrations, meaning you can pack your calendar with chances to gather with friends, as well as make new ones.

Design Your Custom Home in Ithaca

Have a dream home in mind? Let custom home builders that work in Ithaca know you’re interested. You might be surprised at how much creativity and imagination you can bring to the building of your perfect home.

Give our office a call and let us know you want to move to a new home in Ithaca. We would be happy to discuss your desires and tell you about the great communities available for new building.