Move walls, customize entries, add or delete space, shift spaces; make changes as you see fit to accomplish your style of living. Whether it’s vaulted ceilings, a large island, or other features – your home can come delivered with your wish list items instead of settling for what previous owners chose for themselves. An existing home is someone else’s dream.


You will enjoy years of comfort before needing repairs or replacements. Existing homes typically have aged products that may require significant costs to have serviced or replaced. Your home is covered with our 10-year limited structural warranty and comes with an extensive list of additional product manufacturer warranties.


New homes are more energy-efficient, with no aged drafty windows. They carry double-pane, argon gas-filled high-performance windows. They also include higher insulation values, ultimately saving you annual utility costs and providing cooler summers and warmer winters. New homes meet stringent energy standards not in place in the past. This equates to a tighter home with no drafts and state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration.


Building upon years of advancements, the materials/products in a new home are the latest and greatest technology reflecting the way we live today. This means the latest appliances, the newest colors and features available for cabinets and countertops, stylish and durable flooring, energy-saving lighting, smart home options, and more built-in to your home. You’ll also experience more outlets and tech connectivity designed for today’s modern family.


Many existing home purchases bring with them a few inherited eyesores or repair projects that make it to the “must-do” list when moving in. It could be a disagreeable paint color, a leaking faucet, a noisy ceiling fan, wallpaper that’s not your preference, or other unsightly issues. Not only is a new home built to your requests, but a new home orientation is also conducted and a walkthrough checklist is completed to ensure all items are in working order.