Our experience with building a home has not been the smoothest. I would like to commend Fine Line Homes for being so extremely helpful in turning what could have been the worst decision of our lives, into a great outcome and a perfect home. 

Our journey started out bumpy and only got rougher the more roadblocks we encountered. Between our bank not giving us all of the information we needed, having to push our closing date off a total of three times, the county being absolutely stubborn with their permits, and the land seller not putting in the sewer we were legally promised, our beginning was definitely trying. During the beginning, we met numerous times with our Housing Consultant, and what exciting meetings these were! Planning what we wanted our forever home to look like, picking our floor plans, tweaking and changing things to exactly the way we wanted them. From carpet to countertops to lights and cabinets. So much fun! The Consultant helped with every step and literally every detail down to every outlet of the house, even putting up with myself with pregnant and very hormonal at times. 

Once we started the physical building process, the Construction Consultant was our contact and what a huge support she was. As we excitedly made trips to our big hole in the ground that turned into a basement and next, a few walls that turned into our home, she was there every step of the way. Giving us updates, making sure we knew what to expect, and helping us stay on track. The house was put on pause until the sewer was extended. The very minute the sewer lateral was placed, Fine Line was back in action and had the house finished in no time. They were so responsive with all of the delays, with which we had no control over. 

The foreman was great as well. He was the eyes and ears of our home as it was being built and did our final walkthrough with us when everything was complete. He was pointing out things that we probably would not have noticed, had he not been on top of it.